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About AVS

Adventure Vacation Safaris TeamAdventure Vacation Safaris specialises in safari holidays within the East African region. With unrivalled knowledge and experience, we are committed to bringing you the finest adventures available in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. No other region in Africa offers the diversity you’ll discover; spectacular natural sights, challenging and rewarding activities and encounters with some of the world’s most colourful cultures and wildlife. The possibilities are endless.


We offer the widest range of safari services in Uganda, along with adventures through Rwanda and Kenya. With more than 60 exciting itineraries, you can experience epic journeys travelling Uganda through the national parks, swamps, grassland savannahs and thick rain forests, celebrate the musical and historical regions of the natives and their city life, delve into a typical African cultural setting in a homestay experience, or take a nature walk in the fauna and flora rich forests and forever be attached to “The Pearl Africa”.


Our belief is in doing more than just visiting a place, we believe in really getting out there and having an adventure. We tailor every experience to fulfil your idea of adventure in affordable budgets. It’s not just about where you go, it’s about your experience. Our safari packages encompass the most exciting sights and highlights, visits to off-the-beaten-path locations which you wouldn’t find if travelling alone and a whole range of exhilarating activities. With itineraries designed to make the most of your time, all you do is sit back, relax and enjoy Africa for what it is; thrilling, fulfilling and simply stunning.


We only arrange private tours with a maximum group size of 15. This could be a family, friends, colleagues from work or simply a couple on honeymoon. Small groups guarantee a more intimate experience.


Amongst other things, our tour guides are chosen for their professionalism, unbridled passion to explore and a desire in travelling the region and sharing in the experience. They have trekked hundreds of miles of national park trails, slept under the stars and experienced almost every activity there is, and are keen to introduce you to the places that they call home. They will get you from place to place, organise activities and no doubt show you secret spots along the way. Ultimately, they are there to make sure you get the most out of your adventure.


Most of our safaris include a mix of activities, culture, wildlife and sightseeing, so you get a little bit of everything, but we also offer a range of dedicated tours for those who want to focus on a specific activity. Specialist tour types include Birding & Fishing, Chimpanzee Tracking & Habituation, Gorilla Tracking and Habituation, Mountain hikes, Religious-Based Tours, or Rafting on the Nile. There also exist several customised services to choose from that include canopy walks, hot air balloon safaris, aero safaris, bungee jumping, boat cruises on the Nile, horse riding safaris, quad biking etc. You can also choose the comfort level for you, so it’s up to you whether you’d prefer to camp in the great outdoors or sleep with a roof over your head in a luxury, mid-range or budget accommodation.


During your safari, our team of staff is promptly available to offer you speedy, accurate and first-hand information that will help you in planning for your safari accordingly.