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Kampala City Tour

The Kampala City Tour is one of the most interesting safaris we offer at Adventure Vacation Safaris. In this tour, you will get the chance to spend some time in the busiest part of Uganda. Kampala city has a lot to offer visitors with its very rich historical background. The city has various historical, religious and cultural sites and is populated by the friendly people of Uganda. The Kampala city tour will give you the real taste of Uganda’s religion, culture, business, administration, transportation, lifestyle and so much more.

Sites you expect to visit

After an early breakfast, your safari guide will pick you up from your hotel and start your Kampala city tour experience. The city is blessed with various attractions among which include the following places.

Uganda Museum

The Uganda museum is rich with historical and cultural information about different communities in Uganda. You will meet a guide at the museum who will narrate very interesting stories about Uganda’s history. The guide will also take you around the museum, showing you various memorable historical and cultural features of The Pearl of Africa.

The Business area

The heart of Kampala is divided into two parts. The uptown which has upper class shopping malls, corporate banks, Casinos, big Forex Bureaus and high class hotels. This side of Kampala is cleaner, more organised and less congested. You will also get to visit the downtown of Kampala. Here you will find cheaper guest houses, restaurants, dusty roads and very busy markets like the famous Owino market and Nakasero market.

Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine

The Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine is one place you cannot afford to miss. This is a place where many Uganda Christians were martyred on the orders of the Kabaka of Buganda on allegations that they were more loyal to Christianity than they were to the kingdom. The guide on site will have enough time to take you around this site which is of significant value to Christians all over the world.

Baha’i Temple

The fact that this is the only Baha’i Temple in the whole of Africa makes Uganda a major safari destination to many tourists. Located on Kikaaya hill overseeing Kampala City, Baha’i Temple is blessed with a beautiful park-like ground with amazing trees and well gazetted paths leading to the Dome. This place is perfect for holding picnics and spending quality time.

 Kabaka’s Lake

Created by then Buganda’s King, Kabaka Mwanga, the Kabaka’s lake is the largest man-made lake in Africa. It was supposed to connect to Lake Victoria as an escape route in case of an attack on the kingdom. The construction was not completed and the lake was reserved as a royal lake near the King’s palace.

Uganda Crafts Village. 

You will also visit the crafts village at Buganda road or at the Uganda Museum. Here you will have time to purchase souvenirs and different African wear.

Additional places you can visit during your stay are the Kasubi tombs, Rubaga Cathedral, The Buganda Royal palace and many more others. You will have lunch en route covered in the safari quotation.

Cultural Tours

One common thing you will notice with all the different cultures of Uganda is the hospitality of the natives. As you cruise through Uganda, they will always wave at you with a happy face especially the children. Culture forms one of the most important components that give visitors an experience they will live to remember. Blessed with different cultural values and traditions of our residents, culture is one of the components you will love while in East Africa. Get to interact with the locals and get to know their lifestyle, how they do their business, how they get their food, get to try out their dances and probably learn a few words of the local language. Spend some time with the endangered Batwa community who traditionally live in the forests. These people stuck with their tradition way of life and you will get to see how they hunt, make fire, collect honey, make coffee and everything about their way of life.


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