Gorilla Tracking in Uganda Vs Rwanda

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Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park Vs Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Uganda and Rwanda are both very famous tourist destinations because of being home to various Gorilla and Primate species. Visitors always find a hard time choosing between the two beautiful destinations when it come to the Gorilla Tracking Experience but our comparison list below will make your decision a lot easier.

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1. Guarantee of seeing Gorillas.

The probability of seeing gorillas in both countries is over 90% as they are constantly under the watch rangers. Both countries are blessed with lots of Gorilla species and you surely can’t miss spotting them while on your visit.

2. Ease of accessibility.

GorillasRwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is only 02 hours drive away from their main Airport, Kigali International Airport. To be exact, by drive I mean connectivity highlighted with very few infrastructural barriers. You are guaranteed a very smooth drive from the Airport to the park. Getting to Uganda’s Bwindi is quite a dramatic journey because it is over 450 kilometers from the Country’s airport, Entebbe International Airport. That’s roughly 02 hours flight if you are connecting with a domestic flight and approximately 09 hours if accessing the park  by road. About two thirds of this journey is spent on smooth tarmac and the other third is on seasonal roads made of earth. It gets quite messy during the rainy season from September to November and March to May. However, this isn’t a big hindrance to your safari as our fleet of 4WD safari cars are custom made for adventures off the beaten path. You will enjoy beautiful scenery en route to both parks.

3. Terrain.

Volcanoes RwandaVolcanoes National Park is at an elevation of 2500 meters and above. Uganda’s Bwindi ranges from 1000-2000 meters. In other words, the vegetation cover of Uganda is much thicker hence the reason it is called an impenetrable experience. If you are into untamed adventures, Uganda is the place to be, otherwise Rwanda suits the kind of adventurer who wants things snappy and easier.

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4. Special needs.

Thanks to the availability of porters and stretcher sits, it is possible for clients with walking disabilities trek gorillas in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Plans are underway to introduce the same service for Rwanda. In the meantime, things are still a little tricky for people with special needs.

5. Accommodation.

Gorilla trackingThis is where Uganda has an upper hand. While the accommodation options in Volcanoes National Park is mostly tailored for high end and mid-range travelers, Uganda has an option for every kind of traveler, budget, mid-range and high end. Even clients on a very tight budget will have the chance to track gorillas in Uganda whereas it’s kinda hard for budget clients to track gorillas in Rwanda.

6. Variety / Number of Gorilla Families.

Rwanda has 10 habituated Gorilla groups while Uganda has 17. Altogether, the population of members in each group of the two parks ranges from 9-39.

7. Pricing / Cost.

While the excursion in Uganda costs between $600 for foreign travelers who do not live in Uganda, it goes for $1,500 per person in Rwanda (all categories of tourists). In Uganda it is $450 for foreign residents and UGX 250,000 for locals.

8. Choice.

Uganda makes it possible to track the gorilla group of your choice as long as you can book ahead of time which is not the case in Rwanda.

9. Safety.

GorillasUnlike Democratic Republic of Congo, both Rwanda and Uganda enjoy remarkable safety. Uganda’s Police has further gone ahead to create a unit that specifically focuses on the welfare and safety of tourists. It’s called Tourism Police.

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