Kanye West in Murchison Falls for holiday

Things to do in Murchison, the Park Kanye West is currently spending Holiday

Kanye West FamilyAmerican powerhouse Rapper and twenty-one Grammy Awards holder, Kanye West and his Wife Kim Kardashian are currently on a week long holiday in Uganda’s biggest park, Murchison falls National Park. Among the reasons he is here is to shoot scenes for his 9th studio album, Yhandi. That’s something you probably already know by now. However, do you know what makes this park worth traveling for thousands of kilometers to visit, like Kanye has done?



There is a 99.9% chance that you will treasure your visit to this destination till your last day on earth. Here is why?

Home of River Nile

River Nile stands out among many rivers in the world for two reasons;

1. It is the worlds’ longest river at a length of 6,853 km (4,258 mi).

2. It creates the most powerful waterfall in the world as it channels its self through a seven-meter-wide cleft found in this evergreen park.

Found in the Western Rift Valley escarpment, the park covers 3,840km2 and is Uganda’s biggest wildlife conservation area. It is one of the very few wildlife destinations in Africa that has both a Savannah and forest park. But that’s not why it has a very special place in the heart of the world’s most powerful monarch, Queen Elizabeth–who visited it in 1954, two years after it was gazzated. It is its impressive variety of wildlife. The 76 species of mammals to which it is home include four of the “Big Five” (lions, leopards, elephants and buffaloes), huge herds of Rothschild giraffes, Jackson’s hartebeest, waterbucks, bushbucks, Uganda kob, plus warthogs. The weather here is usually a mix of hot days and cooler nights.

What game drives here are like

There are so many herds of elephants crossing the road every minute or so. In the shrubs- you will see lions and leopards doing their best to camouflage with the surrounding jungle as they patiently wait for the perfect time to strike at prey.

What the boat cruises are like 

The river that divides the park into two separate zones that support large herds of animals, including Cape buffalo, impala, hippos, giraffes, and of course, many elephants. It boasts of 451 recorded bird species, some of which include; Shoebill Stork, Grey crowned crane, Blue-headed coucal, African jacana, Absynian ground hornbill and the Goliath Heron. They are a must see, and that’s where a boat cruise comes in. You can cruise from one end of the Nile to another. The scenery is charming with beautiful white rapids and papyrus jungles.

As you journey back to your lodge late in the evening, you might come across lions guarding what they consider their kill. Hyenas might try to get a piece of it only to be chased out of sight. It feels like you are watching a nature documentary, only that you are few yards from the scene.

If you love tracking chimps, Budongo forest is the place to be. Over 500 chimpanzees live in this tropical forest park.

Hot air balloon safaris

Hot air balonYou can never know Murchison fall National Park is paradise on earth unless you have beheld its beauty from the air-and that’s where a hot air balloon safari comes in.

The aero experience takes place early morning when the wind is still gentle and therefore does not rush the flight. The beauty with this set is that it coincides with a time of the day when wildlife is most active. The tour will unveil to you splendors one would never see during ground expeditions like game drives.

While airborne, you’ll have unobstructed 360-degree views of breath taking landscapes and serene plains teeming with herds of elephants, buffaloes and giraffes.

The best time to visit is March-June. Being a dry season, viewing the animals is easier as many of the jungles and shrubs are not in bloom.

How to get there

Adventure Vacation Safaris is happy to bring to life your dream of visiting Murchison.




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