Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National park

Murchison Falls Conservation Area (MFCA) comprises of Murchison Falls National Park, Bugungu and Karuma Falls Wildlife Reserves. This park is one of the largest and oldest conservation areas in Uganda, and at the same time a place where visitors can have an encounter with lots of animals and bird species. This park is blessed with beautiful sceneries and land scape including the powerful Murchison Falls that explodes violently forming a very powerful waterfall. Several animal species reside here, including the chimpanzees that can be tracked at the Budongo forests and the Big five that can be encountered during the game drives.

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What to do in Murchison falls National Park

Game drives

Game drives in Murchison Falls National Park never disappoint. Here you will be able to encounter as many animal species as possible. The famous delta plains game drives get you closer to several herds of Elephants, Giraffes and many more. At Adventure Vacation Safaris, our safari guide will be promptly available to take you for as many game drives as possible depending on time, giving you perfect opportunities to take as many pictures and videos as possible.

Boat cruise and top of the falls hike

The boat cruise to the bottom of the powerful Murchison Falls is an activity not to be missed. Here you will have an opportunity to encounter as many animal species as possible. These include the crocodiles, hippos, several bird species, elephants and buffaloes at the water shores and many more. The safari guide on boat will point out several areas of interest as well as many animals and bird species, accompanied with interesting facts about Uganda’s wildlife. This will make your safari a complete and memorable one. After the boat cruise, you will continue and hike to the top of the falls, a very scenic hiking experience that takes you to the point where the Nile River explodes violently forming an extremely powerful waterfall.

Nile delta boat cruises

The Nile delta boat cruise, an experience that takes about 06 hours is a really interesting activity not to be missed. This birding and game viewing boat cruise takes you through the beautiful scenic western side of the Nile River with several animals and bird species to be encountered en-route. Bird species such as the rare Shoebill stork may also be spotted. Being a birding experience, an expert birding guide on boat will be able to spot and identify several bird species for you during the experience.

Chimpanzee tracking experience in Budongo forests

Budongo forests in Murchison Falls National Park is a home to man’s closest relative the chimpanzees. A visit to this park of the park gives visitors an excellent interaction with these closest relatives to man. In the forests, there are several other primate species such as the colobus monkeys, baboons and many more that can be spotted. The ranger guides allocated to you for the chimpanzee tracking will make you encounter several animals and bird species as you walk through the chimpanzee trails in the thick forests.


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