Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Piane Upe Game Reserve is one of Uganda’s best kept secret. This beautiful, raw and less visited game reserve is the second largest conservation area after Murchison Falls National Park. The beauty of this game reserve is the stunning landscape sceneries with surrounding mountains and most of the time you will have the whole game reserve to yourself.  On a guided safari to Pian Upe, expect to see Jackals, hyenas, cheetahs, cape buffalo, Roan antelope(only conservation area in Uganda where you can find this fine looking antelope), dik dik, Uganda kob, water back, aardvark, velvet and patas monkeys and olive baboons and birds like the giant Ostriches.

Pian UpePian Upe is a birder’s paradise. There are a massive number of birds, with about 242 confirmed, and 11 unconfirmed bird species. This makes the reserve 2nd to Queen Elizabeth National park to bird species density. You will see land’s largest bird- the ostrich only found here and in Kidepo Valley National park.

Mountain climbing and viewing physical features in Pian Upe

A traveler can go for Mountain climbing to the less challenging hills of the area like Mt. Kadam. Guided nature walks are a great way to get up to wildlife with perfect opportunities of taking as many pictures as possible.

Pian Upe 2Cultural community visits

To learn about the culture and ways of the people living around Pian Upe, go for a guided community visit. You will learn about their traditional weddings and marriages, traditional dances that you can take part in, and their raiding activities for cattle.



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