Semuliki National Park

ShoebilSemuliki National Park is located in Bwamba County, a remote part of the Bundibugyo District, in western Uganda. It was made a national park in October 1993 and is one of Uganda’s newest national parks. It is one of the richest areas of floral and faunal diversity in Africa, with bird species being especially diverse.

Semuliki National Park lies on Uganda’s border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The Rwenzori Mountains are to the south-east of the park, while Lake Albert is to the park’s north. The park lies within the Albertine Rift, the western arm of the East African Rift.

It is about 287 km Distance from Kampala to Semuliki National Park


Sempaya Hot-Springs:

Sempaya HotspringsOne of the things you can’t miss at Semuliki National Park are the two Hot Springs –there is the male hot-spring Bitende is about 12 meters in diameter, the female hot spring is called Nyasimbi and is a boiling geyser which spurts out bubbling water and steam about 2 meters into the air.

The people living near the hot-springs used to boil food in the hot-spring pools, even now you can bring some eggs along and have them boiled here.

Birding in the Semuliki Valley:

There are over 440 recorded species of birds found here in the Semuliki Valley, 40% of Uganda’s total species and 66% of the forest birds found in Uganda. There are also many birds found in this area that is normally found in the Congo region of Africa but also some that are only found in the Albertine Western Rift.

Semuliki-Wildlife-ReserveGame Drives:

There are about 53 different kinds of mammals found in the Semuliki Valley and 27 of are larger animals and 11 of them are only found in this area such as pygmy antelopes, two different kinds of flying squirrels. The Semuliki Valley is also home to forest elephants and buffaloes which are smaller versions of their savanna-dwelling relatives

Hiking in Semuliki National Park

There are numerous Hiking and Nature Trails that are guided, depending on what preferences as to want to do and see such as hippos, crocodiles, birds, monkeys for example.

Chimpanzee Trekking:

chimpanzee in SemulikiYou can trek Chimpanzees here. Though not fully habituated, the tracking experience here gets gives you an authentic experience with the chimpanzees in their normal behaviors as these may be spotted in the tree branches at a distance.


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