Explore Sipi Falls | Uganda’s Highest Waterfall

Meet Sipi Falls, Uganda’s Highest Water Fall

Frontview of Sipi falls, Kapchorwa (1)



It is worth putting everything on hold to visit this water attraction which has Uganda’s highest waterfall, dropping from an altitude of 100m. Sipi Falls sits at the foothills of Mt Elgon-Uganda’s second highest mountain and the 4th highest peak in Africa shared between Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya.
In total, Sipi Falls is made up of three breath-taking falls that flow into each other before cascading into the valley to create very colourful rainbows. Sipi Falls is not that thunderous compared to Niagara Falls, but it is pleasant and relaxing. It is also visible from numerous positions around an amphitheatre with views downhill towards the valley below with Mbale in the distance.


Sipi FallsThe water here flows all year round and is largely fed by the crater lakes atop Elgon, a mountain believed to have the largest caldera in the world. The volume and force of water at Sipi Falls doubles in the rainy season in April. The waterfalls are a sight to behold. They have such a scenic beauty and the roaring sound of waters falling down a steep rock makes it all simply magnificent!! This offers a truly captivating scene against the backdrop of Uganda’s second largest wildlife reserve, Pian Upe.

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For a more thrilling experience, you could head out for a hike at the foot of the falls. There are beautiful walks for all levels of physical fitness. The trail goes through the caves, local coffee plantations, and ends at the bottom of the falls. On your way, you will catch sight of a breath-taking vista. The hike is roughly 3-4 hours
You can crown the experience with a coffee tour. It entails exploring coffee plantations in the area to find out what goes behind the scenes of growing Uganda’s favorite coffee, Arabica. At the end of the tour, you can have a cupping experience at one the homes of the local farmers.

You may later decline at Sipi River Lodge for an overnight stay.


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